il pleut, il pleut bergere…

31 01 2008

Song of the day: America by Razorlight

rainWhat’s wrong with the weather in this country, man? It seems that we are punished. Is 2 days of sun too much!!! I don’t know what the British have done in the past but it seems that someone doesn’t like them! :-/

As you have guessed, today it’s raining after 2 days of sun. Yesterday was great. Lot’s of sun. We could actually see the good blue color of the sky without any worring clouds over our heads. But today, all is grey and wet again. 😦

You know what? I am happy not to be british even if I live in this country. I wouldn’t like be citizen of a country famous for its shitty weather. They don’t like us (French). Go figure why? We are neighbours but we don’t have rain. Tough, man! That is bad luck! 😉

Let’s hope tomorrow will be sunny…


Amour, oh mon amour!

30 01 2008

Song of the day: A horse with no name by America (this song is GREAT). This is the original but Horace Andy sang this song in his album Mek it Dub and this is splendid. You have to listen this album!

charming princeSo, guess where I went at lunchtime today? Not to the library… to the pub of course! 2 half pints. I was reasonable! I went with 2 colleagues and one of their old friends who just had a baby boy. It was cool except that they talked about… kids! YAY!

That is when I say to myself: it is really time for me to find someone! 🙂 Where are you my charming prince? Don’t get lost in the wood and eaten by the witch!

books, books, and… livres :D

29 01 2008

Song of the day: Californication by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

booksI began a new book this week. It is called A kiss gone bad by Jeff Abbott. I have already read 2 of his books (Fear and Panic). He is good. Not as good as Harlan Coben (I love all his books: crime and great sense of humour) of course or Michael Connelly but he is good.

Last week I read Mo Hayden’s novel Birdman as said in one of my post. This one was terrific. On Saturday, I even bought The Treatment which is the second of hers with the same hero. I am looking forward to reading it. My next buy will be her last: Pig Island that seems superb. Can you believe that? On Saturday we went shopping with a friend and what did we buy? Clothes, shoes, handbag, jewellery, makeup… NO, nothing like this at all. We bought books!!! Unbelievable. But I can’t help it. Once I am at Waterstone’s, I HAVE to buy a book. And with those ‘buy 2, get 1 free’, you always end up buying more than you wanted.

But don’t worry, I am still a girl and I also enjoy buying girls stuff but it depends on the week! And this one wasn’t one! 😉

we are getting older :-/

28 01 2008

Song of the day: American Life by Madonna

oldI have a question for you: how old are your colleagues? Sommetimes I wonder why I am working for a bank as it seems that I am the youngest. It feels like I am retired before the age! My direct co workers are between 37 and 45! … I will be 26 on the 17th of March (Don’t forget this date as it is St Patrick’s day i.e. the Irish National day i.e. the day known as a day you are pissed ;)). So my colleagues are all 10 years older than me!!! :-/ weird, isn’t it?

But I am not bothered. They are all cool and I enjoy working with them and that is the most important thing. What would be different if they were younger? Nothing I suppose as they go to the pub in the evening, they say stupid things during the day and we have a laugh everyday… 😀 According to me a good working athmosphere is essential in order to enjoy your work. It helps you keep going everyday. What is your opinion my working friends?


27 01 2008

song of the day: DARE (feat. Shaun Ryder) by Gorillaz (I would love to see them on concert)

geek foreverInternet is a trap. Once you have broadband at home, you keep checking emails, facebook, MSN, blog… Isn’t it weird to be so hooked up on something so virtual like this? Thing is, I am not afraid or ashamed to write it : I like it. So what? I am not like a .com girl living only front of her computer but I reckon I enjoy chatting with my friends, order music and films, download stuff, check the news, check my friends website, upload photos on  FTP, all those new things we couldn’t live without now but that are so beyond understanding for some of our friends!!! Vive les geeks !

I just realized that on my Sunday! And wanted to tel you! 🙂

girls girls girls

25 01 2008

song of the day: Disco Club by black eyed peas (they are amazing)

wineTonight, I am going to eat in a lebanese restaurant on Edgware Road with 4 girl friends of mine. Girls are out tonight! YEAH, baby, yeah! And you know what is the best? Everything you heared about that is true. It isn’t a myth. We will eat, drink wine… a lot, talk about guys, love…, laugh about nothing, giggle, … that sort of things! 🙂

Have a nice week end everyone!

let the sun shining

24 01 2008

song of the day: California Dreamin’ by the Beach Boys

the golden bridge, SFBecause the little bit of the sky I saw today was blue, I feel like I need holidays in a sunny place – check the song of the day 😉 and the picture taken by myself!!! Everyday here is mostly gray so when the sun is shining we all feel better, smiles are on the faces and the little walk to go to work is more pleasant… even if I start at 7:00 and there is no sun! 😀

I would love to leave on holidays now but I should not complain. I already have holidays planned. What is great with the UK is that this is a island. And because of that, you have got lots of airlines and low cost airlines. That is why I went for the week end to Toulouse and that I will soon be visiting a friend in Amsterdam, Holland and going to Lisbon, Portugal for 4 days with my parents! Isn’t that great?

But I need to go far for long holidays. I am planning to go to South America maybe to visit my family and see my friend Jenny I told you about in a previous post who works in Guatemala. I have already visited her in San Francisco and it was awesome! Sun, alcohol, holidays, mountains, biking… Great city, great WEATHER, great people! Vive les vacances ! Vive le soleil !