27 02 2008

Song of the day: Ode to Orin Ishii by RZA

curry Today, I am knackered! I worked too much. I received so many calls and emails that at one point in the day, my phone didn’t stay quiet more than 5 minutes! Ouch!

But as always, it feels good. that is when you know that you aren’t useless. And it feels so good to be busy at work and not bored as it happens sometimes. Not that I don’t appreciate being bored at work because it gives me time to read the news, write emails or write my post for you, guys. But being bored too long is just not good because ou reach a point where you don’t know what else you could do to busy you.

Yesterday I didn’t write a post but I can tell you that I wasn’t sleeping instead. I just went to an indian restaurant in Brick Lane. It is called Aladin. It wasn’t the first time I went and everytimes I am happy. That’s a cheap restaurant where the food is excellent and the service not bad. You have to know that it is a BYOB restaurant i.e. Bring Your Own Booze because they aren’t fully licensed (they don’t sell alcohol). We had currys with rice and nhan breads. The food was really GOOD. You have to go. Actually, you WILL go if come visit me! Bricklane is an area where you like to walk in the evening. French people would say it is roots. It is kind of dodgy and boho (Bohemian Bourgeois (bobo in French)). Flats aren’t expensive but not cheap, with lots of indian restaurants and clubs full of a young crowds.


miam miam

25 02 2008

Song of the day: Streets of Philadelphia by Bruce Springsteen

yogurt cakeYesterday night, I cooked a cake for my colleague. It is her birthday today so I made a delicious yogurt cake. Because this cake is good and quickly made, I give you the recipe if you don’t already know it. I know it by heart as I have done it so many times. It is also a good one to cook with kids as you use the pot of yogurt as the measure unit. So here it is:

Yogurt cake / Gateau au yaourt

1 small pot of nature yogurt / 1 pot de yaourt nature
tip for englishes: I noticed that you can’t usually find small pot of nature yogurt in the supermarket. I don’t know why… So you can buy a big one instead and pour some in a small glass. That will be your reference.
3 or 4 eggs depending on their size
2 yogurt pots of sugar / 2 pots de sucre
3 yogurt pots of flour / 3 pots de farine
1/2 yogurt pot of oil (vegetal or sunflower) / 1/2 pot d’huile (vegetale ou tournesol)
apples or pears or chocolate chips if you want but this cake is excellent without anything / pommes ou poires ou pepites de chocolat

mix everything in a jar in the above order (easier to beat the eggs first though) / melanger tous les ingredients dans un saladier
butter the cake tin / beurrer un moule
pour the mixture in the tin / verser la preparation dans le moule
bake for 30 – 45 minutes at 160 celcius degres / cuire a 160 pendant 30 a 45 minutes.

Bon Apetit bien sur!

You may have the receipe of the Fondant au chocolat as it is planned that I cook one tonight.

Friday, finally

22 02 2008

Song of the day: Ruby by the Kaiser Chiefs (this song is because one of my friend with who I used to work sings this song using Julie instead of Ruby just to tease me)

YAY! It is Friday! But unfortunately, I work tomorrow at 7:45! 😦 Too bad for me, but I don’t care because tonight I go to the pub! It s been a long time since last time so I am gonna enjoy a good Fruli (belgium strwberry flavored beer) in … a pint of course! 🙂

Have a nice week end everyone!

new pages

21 02 2008

I added new pages for you my fellow travellers but they need to be worked on. I also still need to build the one about London. I am just being too lazy… 😛 Sorry!


21 02 2008

Song of the day: Think by Aretha Franklin

carrotToday, a little joke that I love. Even thinking about it makes me laugh. It is not the joke of the year. This is just a simple joke that could be told by any kids as it is not a dirty or intellectual one. So here it is:
– What is see-through and smells like carrot?

You want the answer? 🙂 What could make me laugh that much? You need to know that I smile for LOTS of things. I am an easy laugher so don’t be surprised by the silliness of the answer, ok? So back to the joke, the answer is:
a rabbit’s fart

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I am smiling just by writing it! Sorry! Hope you are smiling too, though because smiling is good for you. Please, send me your favorite joke from the comment side of this post! I want to be roll on the floor laughing! 😉


20 02 2008

Song of the day: Zaza by Thomas Fersen

droopyToday I have a vicious headache and a ache in my neck from a bad position in my bed. That’s not pleasant at all. I felt it all the day long like a lancinating pain. But I still have to work, speak in english, concentrate on issues from users who don’t understand IT, travel on an overcrowded train! The only good thing is walking in the fresh air outside!

But it could be worse as always. That’s why I always wonder why the Britishes always answer to the everyday question ‘How are you?’ by ‘not too bad, not too bad’!!!! I mean, all could be worse so, come on!! For once, just give me a ‘good’ or a ‘fine’. It will never be all good as we always all have somethin wrong. But for most of the people I meet in the tube, it’s only a stain on their snow white shirt or who will keep the dog during their coming holidays that worry them. It’s not ‘will my kid be safe going to school today and won’t be caught in crossed fire?’. So, for fuck’s sake, loose your usual composure and answer GOOD! 😀


19 02 2008

(written yesterday but wasn’t published, sorry) 

Song of the day: Sodade by Cesaria Evora (She is from Cape Verde island so she sings in … Protuguese)

Lisbon chill outHeyyyyy! I am back after 4 days in Lisbon, Portugal with my parents. As you can imagine, we had lots of grilled fishes (delicious) and alcohols (a port to begin with, then a bottle of vinho tinto to continue and then a ginjha to finish). YAY! Life is good!

Other than that, I have to say that this is a nice place to go: easy to visit in 3 or 4 days, good weather, good food, good people (except that they are latin and can e really latin when they want). Portuguese is hard but if you speak a bit of spanish and english or french, you can pick up few words in an hour, enough at least to communicate a little bit. I will try to send pictures when I can… as I still need to send pictures from Amsterdam.

For the moment, I am just knackered!