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25 02 2008

Song of the day: Streets of Philadelphia by Bruce Springsteen

yogurt cakeYesterday night, I cooked a cake for my colleague. It is her birthday today so I made a delicious yogurt cake. Because this cake is good and quickly made, I give you the recipe if you don’t already know it. I know it by heart as I have done it so many times. It is also a good one to cook with kids as you use the pot of yogurt as the measure unit. So here it is:

Yogurt cake / Gateau au yaourt

1 small pot of nature yogurt / 1 pot de yaourt nature
tip for englishes: I noticed that you can’t usually find small pot of nature yogurt in the supermarket. I don’t know why… So you can buy a big one instead and pour some in a small glass. That will be your reference.
3 or 4 eggs depending on their size
2 yogurt pots of sugar / 2 pots de sucre
3 yogurt pots of flour / 3 pots de farine
1/2 yogurt pot of oil (vegetal or sunflower) / 1/2 pot d’huile (vegetale ou tournesol)
apples or pears or chocolate chips if you want but this cake is excellent without anything / pommes ou poires ou pepites de chocolat

mix everything in a jar in the above order (easier to beat the eggs first though) / melanger tous les ingredients dans un saladier
butter the cake tin / beurrer un moule
pour the mixture in the tin / verser la preparation dans le moule
bake for 30 – 45 minutes at 160 celcius degres / cuire a 160 pendant 30 a 45 minutes.

Bon Apetit bien sur!

You may have the receipe of the Fondant au chocolat as it is planned that I cook one tonight.




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