We are Free!

30 04 2008

Viva la Vida by ColdplaySong of the day: Violet Hill by Coldplay. This song is not yet on deezer at this time as it is in free download onto Coldplay’s website found at this link. This worth it!!!!! And check out the cover of their coming album ‘Viva la Vida’… Libertad!!!!!!!!!! I already love it.

About libertad, have you heard about this crazy dumb ass in France who did install a box to fight against the youth? Read this article in Le Monde. What is wrong with him?



29 04 2008

Song of the day: L’Arménienne by Les Ogres de Barback – they have really good lyrics

Today I received few papers for my retirement. Because the national pension care is crap, the big companies offer to put money onto a pension fund if you wish. Usually they even match what you decide to put yourself. So that is this kind of paper I received. And what a surprise, what can I see: Selected Date of Retirement: 65 (17th of March 2047)… Ouch!!! I want to run away! 😉 Why can’t I do my Tanguy and stay home with my Môman and my pôpa! 🙂

Mamie Julie’s style Apple Tart

28 04 2008

Song of the day: L’ascenseur de 22h43 by Hubert-Felix Thiefaine

Apple tart by Mamie JulieTonight I cooked an Apples tart for my housemates following my mother’s instructions! 😉 The picture is here to prove it! 😛 Here is the receipe:

Mamie Julie’s style Apple Tart


– Apples (possibly other fruits like kiwis, pears,…) / Pommes (eventuellement autre fruits : kiwis, poires,…)

– double cream / creme fraîche ou liquide

– 1 egg / 1 oeuf

– 100g of sugar / 100g de sucre

– cinnamon / canelle

– 1 shortcrust pastry / pâte brisée


* spread the pastry into your tart mold (where you spread some oil before with a kitchen tissue) and make few holes in the bottom with a fork / etaller la pâte dans le moule à tarte (graisser à l’aide d’un sopalin imbibée d’huile) et piquer le fond avec une fourchette

* peel your apples, slice them and place them all around your plate like a snail / éplucher les pommes, trancher les et disposer les en rond comme un escargot

* mix the egg, the sugar, the cream and the cinnamon and pour the result on top of the apples / mélanger l’oeuf, le sucre, la crême et la canelle et verser le résultat sur les pommes

* bake the tart for 30 min at 160°C / cuire durant environ 30 min à 160°/th7


27 04 2008

Song of the day: Poulailler’s song by Alain Souchon – I love this singer. I discovered him when I was 10 and my uncle offered me his CD with the song ‘J ai 10 ans’. The Poulailler’s song is about the ‘opinion’. 😉

We saw the Sun this week end!!!! Yeah, I am not kidding!!! Saturday it was around 24°C. Unbelievable you want to say, but true! 🙂 We wanted to go to Kew Garden in South West London. It is the first botanic gardens in the world. But we saw we had to pay £13… we just decided to go to the pub and have a fresh cider on terasse with a salad and some fishcakes!!!! Yeah, that rocks!

C est moi ! :)

26 04 2008

Good news or bad news

24 04 2008

Song of the day: Little boxes by Malvina Reynolds – original opening theme of the TV serie called Weeds broadcasted by Showtime in the US and Canal+ in France I believe (here I don’t know I look onto internet 🙂 ). This show is really really good.They already made 3 seasons. Watch at least the 1st one once! Check it out here.

Do you know ASDA? ASDA is one of the various grocery stores in England among others like Waitrose, Tesco, Morrison’s, Sainsbury, Lidl and Aldi. It is affiliated to the US giant Wal*Mart. All their ads are about how cheap they are. That is where I shop online as there is one in my neighborhood and it is opened 24/7… like in the US! 😦 Now, they are looking for a new representative to replace Rooney’s wife. Guess who they are thinking of…??? Carla Bruni!!! Yes, I am not lying to you and you can find the proof here and here with more insights. Ils sont fous ces anglais!

In the meantime in Germany….
a publisher will sell the 1st paper copy of Wikipedia! You can find more information here in Le Monde. And that is where I learn that German is the 2nd language after English into Wikis!! Good job! Wikipedia (including Wikimedia, wikictionary, wikiquote,…) is really a good website. This where I always go first when I look for some details about a city, a country I want to visit, a word (Wikictionary), a concept, a tv serie,… Anything!!!

computers… pfff

23 04 2008

Song of the Day: Aucun Express by Alain Bashung – one of my father’s favorite french singer that my family likes as well.

I am sorry I didn’t post anything since Sunday but I had an emergency…. I, Mamie Julie the geek of my house, had a trojan. I have been asked by my housemate to format her hard drive and re install completely WinXP but… she doesn’t have a genuine key so I do what we all did once… I download a key generator and I launch it. Ok, it isn’t clever but who said I was…. As a result of my under estimating risk, my computer droped my Wireless Broadband connection and McAfee kept showing alerts about zapchast being in my c:\a.bat. This piece of shit was put in quarantine at every launches by McAfee but restored everytime!!! The only method that worked was the one found here using SDFix.

But I am now back! 🙂 Don’t worry!