30 06 2008

Song of the day: Zebra by the John Butler Trio

Oh my god! I am just back from holidays and guess what? I had 1085 emails at least to read! Isn’t that great! Even one of my colleague told me: ‘I am gld you’re back’…. well, I am not I thought! But, hey… that is life. At least Iwas on holidays and saw some sun! And in 2 months time, I will be in Guatemala! πŸ˜‰


I love the tatziki! :)

28 06 2008

Song of the day: I’ve got that tune by Chinese Man

I am back!! I am all tanned … or should I say pink … from the Greek sun from Corfu. We had everyday 39Β°C and 29Β°C at night! It is hard for people like us coming from the UK to cope with that heat! πŸ˜› but we made it through! πŸ˜‰ It was really pleasant to enjoy beaches, sun, greek food and nothing to do! We have rent a car for 3 days and that was cool. I can say that we saw all the island of Corfu! Soon I will try to post some pictures!

blackberry toi mΓͺme ! :P

19 06 2008

Song of the day: Sunnyroad by Emiliana Torrini

Monday, my colleague forgot the team’s blackberry. So I had to carry it for the night and be on call. We also have remote access to our workstation from our personal computer through a VPN. I think that is the worst thing that could happen. I received an email at 22:00 for an issue that I had to look into and this finished at 12:00 by my last email. My colleague usually gets called at 4:00am by users in Sydney. Luckily this didn’t happen to me. But tonight, because he was driving, he asked me to check another one. Blackberry + remote access = devil’s tools!!! I can’t understand people who wants a blackberry because for me it means being reachable 24/7 for work!!!!! 😦

PS: Tomorrow, I leave for Corfu for a week so I won’t be able to post anything. Be patient and don’t worry, I will be back! πŸ™‚

on a perdu, les doigts dans l’c’ :)

18 06 2008

Song of the day: Elvis Ain’t Dead by Scouting for Girls – the hit of the moment πŸ™‚

Yep, yesterday we lost miserably against Italy in the Euro cup 2008! 😦 Not a good day but at least the beer war good! πŸ˜›


16 06 2008

Song of the day: Paper Bag by Fiona Apple

Yesterday I went to the cinema with my housemate and we saw The Happening by M. Night Shyamalan. Just one advise, don’t pay to see this movie, especially in London as it is so expensive – Β£9! It doesn’t worth it.

Nothing better than live

15 06 2008

Yesterday we went to a concert with my housemate: Morcheeba at the Sheperds Bush Empire. Here is one of their movie clip.


14 06 2008

Song of the day: The Canals of our city by Beirut – I heard about them from my friend Cyril’s blog you can find on the side of mine. They are good!

That’s done. I will go to Guatemala this September visit my friend Jenny. I booked tickets today. I will leave the 11th (I know quiet a bad day to fly to the US) and fly back on the 27th (overnight flight). I will fly with American Airlines with 1 stop in Miami each time for a total of Β£490 which is a damned good deal! I am quiet happy, I have to say! I am sure I won’t regret!