Gogol an co

31 07 2008

I am still in training and still alive! 🙂

I am listening to Beirut and Balkan Beatbox at the moment but also recently Gogol Bordello. If you don’t know them, you have to watch the video below. They do gypsy punk music! 🙂 They are really good.

PS: Tomorrow I live for Liverpool for the week end so I won’t be able to add anything before sunday night if I am motivated! Don’t hesitate to leave messages though. 😛



28 07 2008

Song of the day: Cold Cold Water by Mirah

Tomorrow I will be on training at an independent company for 4 days. I will have a training on Crystal Report. I am not sure it is really complex but at least, I will be out of the office! 😉


27 07 2008

Song of the day: Mam’selle Bulle by Les Ogres de Barback (feat. Tryo)

Today, we went to Battersea Park. It is only 15 minutes away by bus from my place. My housemate, a friend and I went food shopping and made a huge rice-tuna-whatever-you-want-in-it salad. After with a bottle of rose and our salad, we went enjoy one of the multiple London green areas. There are 14 bigs parks and I don’t know how many small ones but that is quiet impressive. You can relax in the middle without hearing any cars or other annoying sound. If you want to know more about the big ones, go there.


26 07 2008

Song of the day: Tout le bonheur du monde by Sinsemilia

In Europe, we all like Barrack Obama and I am not an exception in this matter. He seems a good guy, or at least better than the McCain or Bush, but this is my opinion. He has just spent few days in Europe and that is a good thing: build good relationship between Europe and the US won’t harm! The issue is that even if he seems nice and has some sweet words for the Berliners and other europeans, he has done one thing that he should not have… He said:

No one welcomes war. I recognize the enormous difficulties in Afghanistan.  But my country and yours have a stake in seeing that NATO’s first mission beyond Europe’s borders is a success. For the people of Afghanistan, and for our shared security, the work must be done.  America cannot do this alone.  The Afghan people need our troops and your troops; our support and your support to defeat the Taliban and al Qaeda, to develop their economy, and to help them rebuild their nation.  We have too much at stake to turn back now”

I took these from Corine Lesnes’ blog that you can read here. She is a correspondent for Le Monde in the US. You can find B. O.’s full speech.

What he says here is not innocent and not really welcomed here: clean somebody else’s mess… Nobody wants that. French for instance doesn’t join the US army for one main reason: we have never agreed to any of Bush’s operation in Middle East and we have said that on several occasion now (mainly because we had nothing to get there (such as petrol that the US will keep for them anyway) but still… and also because it wasn’t based on any reliable info). We are also not really part of NATO anymore even if our dear President wants the country back… So on what ground should we go in Afghanistan??? NONE! Oh sorry save Afghans… I am not sure our help will be well seen by them… Is there really something we can do now that damages have been done and people doesn’t have a good esteem of foreigners… I am a simple IT so I should leave the thinking to our dear politics… I am nobody but I like giving my opinion. Tell me your’s?

PS: this doesn’t change the fact that having Obama for President could be the best thing that can happen for the Americans.


25 07 2008

Song of the day: Israelites by Desmond Dekker

I am upset. People are exciting by the Olympic games this year. They will soon begin but I think that we have forgotten someone. Yes the people of China!! They keep killing opponents, putting in jail innocents and oppressing the people! Go read this article here on Le Monde and the action Amnesty International is putting up here – check out the issues.

how depressing is that?

24 07 2008

Got it from here where I look everyday! 😦 We are in July for f**k’s sake!


23 07 2008

just want to add that we had wine indeed with our meal (a lovely Cote de Beaune well advised by Etienne) and it was so nice a day that we ate outside. I was with my parents, my sister and her boyfriend. I was really happy to see you all! 🙂 I love you!

PS: Chinese man is really good music, I like it. 😛