31 08 2008

I am back from York where I have been walking, drinking, dancing like hell!! Again!!! But I haven’t forgotten to send postcards to my grand father, grand mother and parents! 🙂

A nice vid by Chinese Man records (really good music I have discovered thank to my sis)


Red York and bull

28 08 2008

This week end, I go to York with my housemate and my friend who lives in Liverpool!! 2 girls together in an unknown city! 😛 We go there by train. I think it takes about 2h30 to go there. So that s not a long ride. We go on Saturday morning. I already plan to have a coffee and a red bull for my breakfast. Then we will have beer!! Soon, I ll post a new page about this city if I don’t forget my camera! 😉

I don’t like bank holiday week end

25 08 2008

Song of the day: Start Wearing Purple by Gogol Bordello – TOO GOOD!!!

On Saturday, I worked which is pretty bad. And today as well! But today was a bank holiday in England. I started from home using my new blackberry 😦 and my remote connection at 7am… and then the worst case scenario happened. One of our main historical server doesn’t start up!!! It went off line during the night without anybody reacting.

I was the central point of contact. Users in London who were working today wanted to be done quickly and go home, users in Toronto wanted their day not to be shit, the support people who were on call couldn”t be bother and were pissed! We had to make the decision to go to our backup solution i.e. restore the backuped database, chang the DNS, bring up the server,… all done by several teams!!! Just the biggest shit ever when nobody was on line…. Then our PC support team told us that the RAID battery was fucked and they had to replace it and we made the call to cancle the switch to DR. The mess involved 20 or 40 IT and as much users. A total MESS. But I am now home and will soon eat as I only 2 buttered toasts at 6:30am!

Luckily, I had a GREAT Sunday! We begun with a good and filling english breakfast. Then we went to the Get Loaded in the Park festival in Clapham Commons. I saw Gossip, Gogol Bordello and others but these 2 were the best! I love them!! 🙂


23 08 2008

Song of the day: Monkey’s World by Monkey

I am SO sorry not to have post anything since last Saturday. I have been working hard. I was also working this morning. I went for 7am (yesterday I went to a barbie at one of my friends’ so I only slept 4 hours). This week I did too many extra long shifts. I didn’t have time for me. Today just killed me.

Yesterday I also received a present: a blackberry. My colleague ordered it without telling me! As a result I am always reachable. The day before, my colleague Toronto called me at 10pm! 😦 I hate these things!

I am going to suffer like hell! but before I will have a nap! 🙂


16 08 2008

Song of the day: Love’s Been Good to Me by Johnny Cash – Have you seen the movie Walk the Line? This is J C’s life. Really good!

Yesterday, on Friday, the last day of the week, I receive an email informing all the IT people of the bank that my department’s boss and his boss will be off the 2 next weeks…. but I already new that my colleague who is supposed to be higher than me and his boss were off as well the next 2 weeks. So to sum up, my boss, my boss’ boss, my boss’ boss’ boss and my boss’ boss’ boss’ boss or to put simply, my N+1, +2, +3 and +4 are off the next 2 weeks…. How SHIT is that?

What am I supposed to do? Run everything by myself without escalation point or anything???? Keep your blackberries on guys, because the shit will hit the fan and it won’t be nice! 😛

going to work

14 08 2008

Song of the day: Out of the Ghetto from Isaac Hayes – he is dead but he was such a great singer!

I finished my book beginning of this week (Emporium by Robert Harris) and I have started Run by Jeff Abbott. I have just discovered that it is called collision in the US… Isn’t that weird??? Both countries speak the same language but the title of the book is different… :-\

Anyway, this book seems really good but I can only read on my way to work in the train these days. I am so busy at work and I am on the early shift this week that is 7 to 17 for me… 😦 but in less than 1 month I will be on holidays! YAY!!! 😛

Shake it to wake it!

12 08 2008

Just back from work. I am exhausted. This morning when I went to work for 7:00, it was pissing down. And now that I got back at 6:00, it is sunny. F**king country! So on my way home I bought an ORANGINA. We don’t often find some here but recently we can see them and there is this new ad on TV that is so ggod. Have a look. This one ends with the french slogan. The english one is: Shake it to wake it! 😛 Hot, isn’t it?