When flying to Milan tomorrow…

20 11 2008

I want them to do like in the add for C****** (you will see at the end because that have nothing to do with the theme of the ad) 😛

I love it and the song is great.


Someone touched my computer

20 11 2008

Song of the day: When you were young by the killers

laptopWho the f***k dared touching my laptop?! Thats the first thing I though when I saw the battery plugged! I always leave it without battery and use it on AC power. Am I a real geek to notice this kind of things? Am I a real geek to be upset? I dont know, but when I launch firefox and all my tabs have disappeared because the person who used it didnt click save or delete them all, that is where I get furious and then realize that it isnt a big deal I am not that bad but I think I am still a geek regards to that! 😛

Sorry, I am upset these days… 😦

By the way, this week end I go to Milan with a friend. More photos are coming! 🙂 Our only issue is that the temperature will be between -4 and 4 during 3 days. I am not used to that anymore. 😀


19 11 2008

Song of the day: Ghosts by Robbie Williams

Today, after spending 16 hours on an issue yesterday, my colleague came and sort it out in 1 hour!!! Believe it or not! You can’t imagine how pissed I was against him. But I should not hold any grudge againdt him. He is part of the development team that have been taken away from the support. Yesterday he was tied up by another production issue and he wants to make a point I think to our new boss that the separation was a bad move… But hey! that is work! C’est la vie! there is nothing to do now! 😛 But I ma still pissed though! 🙂

that’s long!

18 11 2008

Today I worked 16 hours, can you believe it? I started at 7am, got an issue to manage at 8am and left the office at 11pm after having talked to half th world! And the sadest part is, I go back tomorrow and the issue isn’t solved! Maaaaaaaaamaaaaaannnnn, I want o go back home! 😛

music and movie

14 11 2008

Good gig, good crowd, good atmosphere, I am happy to have gone to this concert. Horace Andy rocks!

Now because I have this in my head and I love it, I give you this song from another great singer: Tina!! for a great guy: James the beau gosse! 🙂 I really need to see the 2 last movies though! 😛


13 11 2008

Tomorrow I go to Horace Andy’s concert! YAY! I’ll tell you about it!


12 11 2008

the overlook by Michael ConnellySong of the day: Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

As you may be aware by now I love reading… especially reading while riding the train on my way to work. I have just finished another book (I read a few during my holidays onwards but can’t list them all). It is from one of my favorite author Michael Connelly and it’s called The Overlook.

On another matter, I had my sister over for the long week end including remembrance day (which for your information isn’t a bank holidays here but only 2 minutes of silence in the country…). It was pissing rain, it cold and windy but we had a great time. I am really happy she came visit me. She wil be always welcome, as welcome as you by the way! Please visit me more often! 😛

Lisa, I’ll see you for Xmas! 😉 Thanks again for your visit!