Someone touched my computer

20 11 2008

Song of the day: When you were young by the killers

laptopWho the f***k dared touching my laptop?! Thats the first thing I though when I saw the battery plugged! I always leave it without battery and use it on AC power. Am I a real geek to notice this kind of things? Am I a real geek to be upset? I dont know, but when I launch firefox and all my tabs have disappeared because the person who used it didnt click save or delete them all, that is where I get furious and then realize that it isnt a big deal I am not that bad but I think I am still a geek regards to that! 😛

Sorry, I am upset these days… 😦

By the way, this week end I go to Milan with a friend. More photos are coming! 🙂 Our only issue is that the temperature will be between -4 and 4 during 3 days. I am not used to that anymore. 😀




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