back and ready

31 12 2008

explosionI am back from France and ready for New Year’s Eve. I am working today 😦 but should be free early in the afternoon, or at least I hope. I will be starting drinking at home with few friends. After we will be heading to the Tiger Tiger – club bar and grill! πŸ™‚ What a name! We will have a 5 courses dinner there and then stay for dancing. Dine and dance is the best formula for this kind of event.

Important fact to know, public transport are free and running all night tonight. Waouh!




23 12 2008

Tomorrow I leave for 5 days to my parents’. I take the Eurostar in the afternoon and will come back on the 29th evening. I can’t wait! πŸ˜›

winter and sickness

21 12 2008

Song of the day: If I were a boy by BeyoncΓ© – that is the song you can hear everywhere!

I had a weird week. Monday and Tuesday, I was feeling so bad that I had to go back home early. I was feverish and coughing so much. I had wednesday off but I worked the other days plus Saturday at 7am!!! 😦 I am better now but you should here me. I sound like robocop! πŸ˜›

Yesterday I went in town after work to buy my last xmas present!!! We re almost there… few more days and that’s it. I will be travelling to France on the 24th and will come back on the 29th. I am so happy. I haven’t seen my family since July!

Business woman

15 12 2008

ipod touchThis is done. I bought a new mp3 player: the iPod Touch 32 GB. Why?
Funny enough, it is not even for the music that I decided to buy it… These past 2 weeks, I have been organising lots of stuff for my weekends and I also learnt that 3 of friends are getting married – and I am invited to 2 of the hen party. I can’t say I am a business woman but I am obviously planning a lot! And you know me, always sending emails for dinner, trip or party. I am using Google Agenda at the moment. It is really powerful and I am happy with it but the problem is that during the day, I don’t have access to it. I tried to use a real agenda on paper but I always forgot to update it or to bring it with me. And that is how I forgot about events I planned a while ago…

I thought the solution would have been a smartphone. Last week I checked the offers, but the pay as you go mobile weren’t nice and I can’t upgrade my mobile with Orange as I have only been with them for 12 months and I am on a 18 months basis contract. I also discovered the iPhone but it is only sold here with O2… and I don’t want to change my network as yet… So the solution, the iPod Touch. It is the same than the iPhone but it doesn’t do phone! πŸ˜›

It is amazing what it can do. I didn’t want an iPod as I don’t like iTunes but I have to say, I am impressed. I can import/sync my contact from Gmail, connect to Internet/Facebook/Weather broadcast on WiFi, manage my Agenda (sync it with Outlook if you use it), and listen to your MP3s. Good stuff.

xmas shopping

13 12 2008

Today it is raining but I have to start my xmas shopping. Fun, isn’t it? πŸ˜›

Thanks WP

11 12 2008

Song of the day: Around the World by the Daft Punk

WordPress has just changed the interface.Β  Everything is all over the place but on the same screen, thank you WP! πŸ˜›


I love this commercial for Samsung Pixon

9 12 2008