Business woman

15 12 2008

ipod touchThis is done. I bought a new mp3 player: the iPod Touch 32 GB. Why?
Funny enough, it is not even for the music that I decided to buy it… These past 2 weeks, I have been organising lots of stuff for my weekends and I also learnt that 3 of friends are getting married – and I am invited to 2 of the hen party. I can’t say I am a business woman but I am obviously planning a lot! And you know me, always sending emails for dinner, trip or party. I am using Google Agenda at the moment. It is really powerful and I am happy with it but the problem is that during the day, I don’t have access to it. I tried to use a real agenda on paper but I always forgot to update it or to bring it with me. And that is how I forgot about events I planned a while ago…

I thought the solution would have been a smartphone. Last week I checked the offers, but the pay as you go mobile weren’t nice and I can’t upgrade my mobile with Orange as I have only been with them for 12 months and I am on a 18 months basis contract. I also discovered the iPhone but it is only sold here with O2… and I don’t want to change my network as yet… So the solution, the iPod Touch. It is the same than the iPhone but it doesn’t do phone! 😛

It is amazing what it can do. I didn’t want an iPod as I don’t like iTunes but I have to say, I am impressed. I can import/sync my contact from Gmail, connect to Internet/Facebook/Weather broadcast on WiFi, manage my Agenda (sync it with Outlook if you use it), and listen to your MP3s. Good stuff.




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