reading and listening

2 01 2009

I have 2 new things in my cultural life at the moment: a new music album and a new book….

Les hommes qui n'aiment pas les feemes1-  I am listening to Elbow – The Seldom seen kid. I posted one of their song a while ago called Audience with the pope. I love their CD and I want to discover their others. It is just slow pop music with hot voices. Really peaceful. Just try.


Elbow2- It is the first time I read in French since I am in London i.e. april 2006! And I read. My book shelves are full and I don’t know where to store my new ones. My parents talked to me so much about this book that I had to read it but unfortunately they have not all been translated from Swedish to English I believe. the write is Stieg Larsson and the first novel is ‘Les hommes qui n’aiment pas les femmes‘ – the english one is called ‘the girl with the dragon tatoo’. This is the first of a trilogy called Millenium.  In England, the 2nd will be published in Jan 09 and the 3rd in Jan 10!!! I can’t wait. They are all already out in France. So I read in French. I will tell you once I finished the first book.


Happy New year!

1 01 2009

feux d'artifice

My family, friends, readers, I wish you a Happy New Year!

I hope it will be a good one for everybody! Drink too much, eat too much, travel, discover and experiment new things, enjoy life, Carpe Diem, see your friends, share moments with your family, come to London and visit Julie, do all you want as long as you apreciate it! Ok you have to work and for some of us it is not always fun but you do it and after, between, before, you can do all these things! Don’t forget to sleep in between but good nights with people/movie/book you like are much better and you still have the next one to catch up on your sleep! 🙂

See you soon during this new year 2009 I hope

PS: I am using the scheduling for posting from WordPress. I haven’t writen this at 1am! I am not that geeky! Just enough to think about scheduled posting! 😛