letter, word, sentence, paragraph, chapter, book! and so on!

15 05 2008

Song of the day: Nationalité by Tiken Jah Fakoli – he is a really great singer from Côte d’Ivoire.

Today I finished another book. I always read on my way to/back work/home on the train and in the tube. I listen to my music from my mp3 player and read my book. I don’t hear anything, I don’t see anything! I love this moment in the morning when the world is mine in my head. I am alone. I need these 40min (lost in) transition! 😉

Anyway, now, I am beginning a new book (I always have 2 in advance). It is called Faceless Killers by Henning Mankell. This is the first one of a serie my mother loves. You know she has a book shop so I usually trust her in this matter! Mankell is a Swedish writer and his main character is Kurt Walander. I will tell you later hat I think of. Bonne lecture !


cacou for my sister

6 05 2008

Song of the day: Mother by Moloko – hey Lisa, it’s been a long time… 🙂

My sister asked me for My mother’s recipe of The Cacou. First question is What’s a cacou?

My answer will be: it depends where you are!
1/ When I was living in Marseille on the sea coast, I learnt that a cacou was a kéké i.e. a person who just likes to show off and is being boastful most of the time.
2/ A cacou in my region is also a clafouti i.e. a cake with cherries. The cake is like a crepe dough with flour in it and cherries.

This shows the issue in France where the slang is different from one region to another because it usually derives from the old local dialect/lingo. In the South, it is from the Provencal (degun means nobody for instance), in Paris it is from gypsy language (maraver means battre).

But back to where we were, the recipe! Basically, as said above, you need to do a crepe dough, add some flour and the cherries (with their pits) but in more details:

– 500 gr of cherries with pits / 500g de cerises avec noyaux
– 80g of flour / 80g de farine
– 125g of sugar / 125g de sucre
– 1/4 of liter of milk / 1/4 l de lait
– 4 eggs / 4 oeufs
– 60g of butter / 60g de beurre

* mix the flour, the sugar and the eggs / mélanger la farine, le sucre et les oeufs
* add some the milk and the half melted butter. You should now have something harder than a crepe dough. / ajouter le lait et le beurre à moitié fondu. Vous devez obtenir une pâte un peu plus épaisse que la pâte à crêpes

* add the cherries / ajouter les cerises
* butter the cake pan / beurrer le moule
* pour the mixture in the pan / verser la pâte dans le moule
* bake for 40 mins in an oven already hot / cuire pendant 40 min dans votre four pré chauffé.

Bon Apétit !

Mamie Julie’s style Apple Tart

28 04 2008

Song of the day: L’ascenseur de 22h43 by Hubert-Felix Thiefaine

Apple tart by Mamie JulieTonight I cooked an Apples tart for my housemates following my mother’s instructions! 😉 The picture is here to prove it! 😛 Here is the receipe:

Mamie Julie’s style Apple Tart


– Apples (possibly other fruits like kiwis, pears,…) / Pommes (eventuellement autre fruits : kiwis, poires,…)

– double cream / creme fraîche ou liquide

– 1 egg / 1 oeuf

– 100g of sugar / 100g de sucre

– cinnamon / canelle

– 1 shortcrust pastry / pâte brisée


* spread the pastry into your tart mold (where you spread some oil before with a kitchen tissue) and make few holes in the bottom with a fork / etaller la pâte dans le moule à tarte (graisser à l’aide d’un sopalin imbibée d’huile) et piquer le fond avec une fourchette

* peel your apples, slice them and place them all around your plate like a snail / éplucher les pommes, trancher les et disposer les en rond comme un escargot

* mix the egg, the sugar, the cream and the cinnamon and pour the result on top of the apples / mélanger l’oeuf, le sucre, la crême et la canelle et verser le résultat sur les pommes

* bake the tart for 30 min at 160°C / cuire durant environ 30 min à 160°/th7

pour ma maman

1 04 2008

Song of the day: Hard Time Killing Floor by Buddy Guy – another f***ing good guitarist. This is for my dad!

Today, the post is for my mum who wants to see me with my new haircut. So, directly taken by one of the paparazis who follows me everyday 😉 , here is a picture of me! 😀
Maman clic dessus pour me voir en plus grand (ben oui parce que des fois je peux être grande 😀 ) !

how did you say they are called?

30 03 2008

I am lazy tonight. I am just back from Birmingham where I went for a housewarming party and where I was again completely drunk because of too much Tequila rapido after some Captain Morgan rum (best spicy rum in the world) and coke! So after a good minasse 😉 some peaceful music is always welcomed. This band plays trip hop music like nobody else. My sister ans I discovered them 8 or 9 years ago. They are awesome. The only issue is that I keep calling them Archive with the french accent although they are from London and could say it with the correct accent. So, mesdames et messieurs, here is Archive: <applause> 😛

For my sister

9 03 2008

Song of the day: we’ve got a groovy thing goin’ by Simon and Garfunkel

Regarding a comment left by my sister Lisa on my last post, I have to leave this note with this ‘song of the day’!!! What can’t you do when it is for your family! 🙂

But I agree, she’s right, this song is great. Nice rhythm,  old groovy vibes! 😉 Nice little song for Sunday.