I love this commercial for Samsung Pixon

9 12 2008


16 07 2008

This week end I bought a new TV show. I decided to buy Scrubs, because here, you can watch it on E4, More4, E4+1 every day but it is never in the correct order and you can end up seeing the same episode all the week. I bought season 1 and will tell you if it is as good as it seems to be!


16 06 2008

Song of the day: Paper Bag by Fiona Apple

Yesterday I went to the cinema with my housemate and we saw The Happening by M. Night Shyamalan. Just one advise, don’t pay to see this movie, especially in London as it is so expensive – £9! It doesn’t worth it.

et pendant ce temps là…

27 05 2008

Must see

16 05 2008

You have to watch this TV show. I LOVE it. This a great British humor show called The I.T. Crowd. A woman joins a company and is dumped ‘manager’ of the IT Support. That is great. Watch till the end because that is great fun. I have both season and that is hilarious. In this one, you can see Jen, her boss and the 2 guys from the IT department. Enjoy.

Good news or bad news

24 04 2008

Song of the day: Little boxes by Malvina Reynolds – original opening theme of the TV serie called Weeds broadcasted by Showtime in the US and Canal+ in France I believe (here I don’t know I look onto internet 🙂 ). This show is really really good.They already made 3 seasons. Watch at least the 1st one once! Check it out here.

Do you know ASDA? ASDA is one of the various grocery stores in England among others like Waitrose, Tesco, Morrison’s, Sainsbury, Lidl and Aldi. It is affiliated to the US giant Wal*Mart. All their ads are about how cheap they are. That is where I shop online as there is one in my neighborhood and it is opened 24/7… like in the US! 😦 Now, they are looking for a new representative to replace Rooney’s wife. Guess who they are thinking of…??? Carla Bruni!!! Yes, I am not lying to you and you can find the proof here and here with more insights. Ils sont fous ces anglais!

In the meantime in Germany….
a publisher will sell the 1st paper copy of Wikipedia! You can find more information here in Le Monde. And that is where I learn that German is the 2nd language after English into Wikis!! Good job! Wikipedia (including Wikimedia, wikictionary, wikiquote,…) is really a good website. This where I always go first when I look for some details about a city, a country I want to visit, a word (Wikictionary), a concept, a tv serie,… Anything!!!

tv show

2 04 2008

Have you ever watched nip/tuck? I just give you the opening. This show worth it. It is about the life of 2 plastic surgeons in Miami. One loves women too much and one has a wife but is getting as mad as the other along the show. It is funny, not for blond, sometimes harsh, deep, cool. I am watching the 1st season and it is promising.