Happy New year!

1 01 2009

feux d'artifice

My family, friends, readers, I wish you a Happy New Year!

I hope it will be a good one for everybody! Drink too much, eat too much, travel, discover and experiment new things, enjoy life, Carpe Diem, see your friends, share moments with your family, come to London and visit Julie, do all you want as long as you apreciate it! Ok you have to work and for some of us it is not always fun but you do it and after, between, before, you can do all these things! Don’t forget to sleep in between but good nights with people/movie/book you like are much better and you still have the next one to catch up on your sleep! 🙂

See you soon during this new year 2009 I hope

PS: I am using the scheduling for posting from WordPress. I haven’t writen this at 1am! I am not that geeky! Just enough to think about scheduled posting! 😛



23 12 2008

Tomorrow I leave for 5 days to my parents’. I take the Eurostar in the afternoon and will come back on the 29th evening. I can’t wait! 😛

xmas shopping

13 12 2008

Today it is raining but I have to start my xmas shopping. Fun, isn’t it? 😛


22 10 2008

My page about Guatemala is finished! my trip is done!

give to people…

19 10 2008

Do you know Oxfam? Go here to see their great videos on YouTube.


18 10 2008

I posted stories for 2 more days about my trip to Guatemala. Go have a look and let me know! 🙂


13 10 2008

Have a look at my Guatemala page. The next will be the one my tour begins…