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view of Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal is where I have spent 4 days with my parents for a long week end. It is a sunny place that is easily visited in 3 or 4 days. The people are really nice and joyful. They are close to the mediteraneans but they are on the Ocean side! 🙂

Tram in LisbonAgain, in this city, the best way of transportation like in Amsterdam is the tramway.Alfama The old one is fun. The tram #12 is the historic one that bring you into the Alfama. The ride is really nice. The Alfame is the old neighborhood with lots of tiny narrow street where the Castello de Jorge sits on the top of the hill where you have a wonderful view onto Lisbon.

BelemBelem is on the extrem west of Lisbon where you can go with the tram #15 from Praca da Figueira that is the historic center of Lisbon and where we were staying in an old pension. Belem is where you can see the emblem tower of Lisbon and where most of the museum are. We went to the museo de la marinha where you can seeboat old boats and lots of models of the caravelles (old boat). The ocean is their life. Vasco da Gamma is their emblematic person. You can eat lots of wonderful grilled fished everywhere in any restaurant.

If I start speaking about food I won’t start so it was great. So I won’t start but I will still speak about alcohol. They have this great alcohol called Gingha that you drink usually front of a ginghina (tiny boutique where they sell only gingha in small glasses) on the pavement with the lisboans. Is is a morello cherry brandy with 20% of alcohol that you barely feel so it is sweet. Delicious. Portuguese wines are also wonderful although they aren’t famous. Vinhos tinto (red wine) from the Duro or Alejento valley are really really good as well as their port, the most famous portuguese alcohol. We tried a 40 and a 10 years old port in a restaurant and this worth a try! Really!

dodgy space Lisbon


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