bank holiday week end

24 05 2008
Today I work but the day is quiet cool and Monday is bank holiday! 🙂 The sun is out. Tomorrow we will have another barbie with our friends so I expect a great day of fun. Come if you want.This week end I will also go to the Tate Modern (London famous modern arts museum) as they begin a new exhibition about Street Arts that seems awesome. Details can be found here. I may go today in the afternoon. Check out the program.







culture and beer

2 02 2008

Song of the day: Breathe me by Sia

theaaaateTonight, I am gonna be a cultured well educated girl. I am going to the theatre. The play I will see is called ‘Arrête de pleurer Pénélope’. It is a french play done in The Shaw Theatre in King’s Cross, London. It’s meant to be good according to my housemate. We’ll see.

And after… because we can’t stop after that, we go to one of our friends’ birthday party in Old Street… Mmmh, more alcohol… I know, I should be careful but hey,  we are young and we have only one life! 😉

Have a nice week end everyone!