12 11 2008

the overlook by Michael ConnellySong of the day: Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol

As you may be aware by now I love reading… especially reading while riding the train on my way to work. I have just finished another book (I read a few during my holidays onwards but can’t list them all). It is from one of my favorite author Michael Connelly and it’s called The Overlook.

On another matter, I had my sister over for the long week end including remembrance day (which for your information isn’t a bank holidays here but only 2 minutes of silence in the country…). It was pissing rain, it cold and windy but we had a great time. I am really happy she came visit me. She wil be always welcome, as welcome as you by the way! Please visit me more often! 😛

Lisa, I’ll see you for Xmas! 😉 Thanks again for your visit!

I am back

29 09 2008

Song of the day: I can’t stop the feeling Ive got by Razorlight – nice song

Yes I am back and in one piece! The trip was really cool but exhausting. We traveled around the country, sometimes in bad conditions, sometimes in good ones. Now I enjoy simple things as hot water, good roads or food! 🙂 I now need to create a page to show my pictures. For my friends, I have already posted few of them on Facebook. It was different, good, funny, bad, interesting, sad, tiring, rich, talkative, gourmand, overwhelming and a lot more! Jenny and I had good holidays and it feels good to be away in the heat. People were extremely nice with us… partly because we hablais espanol! 🙂 I loved it and want more. I am already thinking about the next travel I should do! 😛 Who wants to come?

Today back to work, and it doesn’t look good in finance at the moment! 😦 More later about that!

Red York and bull

28 08 2008

This week end, I go to York with my housemate and my friend who lives in Liverpool!! 2 girls together in an unknown city! 😛 We go there by train. I think it takes about 2h30 to go there. So that s not a long ride. We go on Saturday morning. I already plan to have a coffee and a red bull for my breakfast. Then we will have beer!! Soon, I ll post a new page about this city if I don’t forget my camera! 😉


3 08 2008

I am back from Liverpool where I had a great week end with my friend Aurelie who I met when I arrived here that who I am friend with since. We already traveled together to few places. I will talk tomorrow about the “North” and how I have felt in love with the Super Lamb Banana. 😛


15 07 2008

Song of the day: Tired by Adele – really good singer, good rhythm, a bit like Amy Winehouse

Today I received an email from the Carling Academy (yes like the beer cause that is their sponsor) about coming concerts that they have just announced and are not on their website… The result is that I booked 2 of them:

Horace Andy – great great legendary reggae singer who sang a few times with Massive Attack. If you have ever heard his voice, you would remember. He is good. I have already post at least one song of the day from him.

Balkan Beat box – They are from NYC. They are really good and as it is written uses balkan music to create their own. It is for all the fans of Emir Kusturika, Gogol Bordello, Beirut (that I love now that I discovered them thank to Cissou – PS: I listen to them almost every day!)… I already post one song of the day from them.

Go listen to all these artists on You will love them! And let me know if you want to come! 🙂

j’en peux plus

8 07 2008

Song of the day: Bloody Sunday by U2

In random order, yesterday I worked on my hard drive and came to the conclusion that the master boot is fucked up, today I worked 12 f**king hours, one of my colleagues confirmed also my theory about my mp3 player, I am knackered, I booked ticket for the 1st of August to go see my friend for the 2nd time in Liverpool! and that will be all for today.

come, come!

1 07 2008

Song of the day: Le bruit et l’odeur by Zebda

My friend Pierre is now here in London. He came to work in one of Joel Robuchon’s restaurant called l’atelier. You can find details about these on this website. Be careful, you will want to go as soon as you will look at the menu.

I hope more of my friends will come here. Friends of ours were here for one of our friends’ stag party and it was awesome to see them. Come here my friends, I miss you! 🙂