6 04 2008

Song of the Day: New Born by Muse

It snowed today!!! F*** it is April! After hail and rain, here is snow! Welcome to England! So now, I am more motivated than ever to travel in a hot country… or countries! 😉 I have 2 holidays to plan: 1 week in June and 2 weeks in September/October. I never take my days off during the summer holidays because I don’t want to pay expensive rates for something I can do at better prices before or after with less people!

In June, I think that I will go to Greece with Karen, my housemate. None of us has ever gone there. So it s a good destination, not too far, with lots of things to see, enough sun for us and not yet too expensive! I hope we will have booked by the end of this week.

In September, my idea is to go far away. I would like to go to South America as I have never been there. I would like to visit my friend Jenny in Guatemala and also visit my cousins in Argentina. I just need to see the details first with them but after, let’s go baby! 🙂 Who wants to join me? 😀


let the sun shining

24 01 2008

song of the day: California Dreamin’ by the Beach Boys

the golden bridge, SFBecause the little bit of the sky I saw today was blue, I feel like I need holidays in a sunny place – check the song of the day 😉 and the picture taken by myself!!! Everyday here is mostly gray so when the sun is shining we all feel better, smiles are on the faces and the little walk to go to work is more pleasant… even if I start at 7:00 and there is no sun! 😀

I would love to leave on holidays now but I should not complain. I already have holidays planned. What is great with the UK is that this is a island. And because of that, you have got lots of airlines and low cost airlines. That is why I went for the week end to Toulouse and that I will soon be visiting a friend in Amsterdam, Holland and going to Lisbon, Portugal for 4 days with my parents! Isn’t that great?

But I need to go far for long holidays. I am planning to go to South America maybe to visit my family and see my friend Jenny I told you about in a previous post who works in Guatemala. I have already visited her in San Francisco and it was awesome! Sun, alcohol, holidays, mountains, biking… Great city, great WEATHER, great people! Vive les vacances ! Vive le soleil !