When flying to Milan tomorrow…

20 11 2008

I want them to do like in the add for C****** (you will see at the end because that have nothing to do with the theme of the ad) 😛

I love it and the song is great.

music and movie

14 11 2008

Good gig, good crowd, good atmosphere, I am happy to have gone to this concert. Horace Andy rocks!

Now because I have this in my head and I love it, I give you this song from another great singer: Tina!! for a great guy: James the beau gosse! 🙂 I really need to see the 2 last movies though! 😛


27 10 2008

My friends showed me this video on YouTube: 70m viewers. If you speak English, you’re going to be dead laughing on the floor. It is Ahmed the dead terrorist… and silence or I’ll kill you! AHAHAHAHAH! 😀

when I was a kid

1 09 2008

…I used to love this cartoon: Asterix et Cleopatre and I still do! We have watched it so many times with my little sis, more than I can count! Here is an extract! 😛


16 08 2008

Song of the day: Love’s Been Good to Me by Johnny Cash – Have you seen the movie Walk the Line? This is J C’s life. Really good!

Yesterday, on Friday, the last day of the week, I receive an email informing all the IT people of the bank that my department’s boss and his boss will be off the 2 next weeks…. but I already new that my colleague who is supposed to be higher than me and his boss were off as well the next 2 weeks. So to sum up, my boss, my boss’ boss, my boss’ boss’ boss and my boss’ boss’ boss’ boss or to put simply, my N+1, +2, +3 and +4 are off the next 2 weeks…. How SHIT is that?

What am I supposed to do? Run everything by myself without escalation point or anything???? Keep your blackberries on guys, because the shit will hit the fan and it won’t be nice! 😛


16 07 2008

This week end I bought a new TV show. I decided to buy Scrubs, because here, you can watch it on E4, More4, E4+1 every day but it is never in the correct order and you can end up seeing the same episode all the week. I bought season 1 and will tell you if it is as good as it seems to be!


2 07 2008

You know what? The new season of weeds has already begun! … and the new one of Dexter is soon to begin. Here is the opening: