16 06 2008

Song of the day: Paper Bag by Fiona Apple

Yesterday I went to the cinema with my housemate and we saw The Happening by M. Night Shyamalan. Just one advise, don’t pay to see this movie, especially in London as it is so expensive – £9! It doesn’t worth it.


et pendant ce temps là…

27 05 2008

Must see

16 05 2008

You have to watch this TV show. I LOVE it. This a great British humor show called The I.T. Crowd. A woman joins a company and is dumped ‘manager’ of the IT Support. That is great. Watch till the end because that is great fun. I have both season and that is hilarious. In this one, you can see Jen, her boss and the 2 guys from the IT department. Enjoy.

tv show

2 04 2008

Have you ever watched nip/tuck? I just give you the opening. This show worth it. It is about the life of 2 plastic surgeons in Miami. One loves women too much and one has a wife but is getting as mad as the other along the show. It is funny, not for blond, sometimes harsh, deep, cool. I am watching the 1st season and it is promising.


3 02 2008

song of the day: Trouble by Coldplay

Yesterday’s play was funny and entertaining. Really girly though! The party after was a bit weird. We didn’t know the people who were there. They all worked with our friend, … but not with us! It is only at the end that we met them when everybody was either tipsy or drunk. We finished the party drinking champagne and dancing on anything!

Today was more relaxing. After waking up at 12:00, we went to La gazette, a french restaurant near our place in Clapham Junction/Battersea and we had the best hot chocolate I have ever had (served in a pint) and a croque monsieur. It was cool. Then, we went to the cinema see the new Asterix aux jeux olympiques. Despite the famous actors, the film wasn’t as good as the 2nd one. I think you can wait the DVD…

Balkan theme

22 01 2008

song of the day: Suzy Q by Creedance Clearwater Revival (another of my favorite band: the original!!!)

KusturicaYesterday night, we watched ‘La vie est un miracle’ (Life is a miracle) by Emir Kusturica. Have you seen it? I love Kusturica’s movies. I have got this one in DVD but I definitely need to buy ‘Chat noir, Chat blanc’ (black cat, white cat). That’s one of my favorite movies. The characters just do whatever they want. It is so cheerful, frenzied, joyful, dancing that you have the lost smile on your face from beginning to end. You really need to see Kusturica’s films if you haven’t yet. You won’t be disappointed.

The musics are also great and make you feel like dancing. They are all played by Emir Kusturica’s band called Emir Kusturica and the No Smoking Orchestra. Sometimes, he plays with Goran Bregovic who signed the music of one of his first movie (Arizona Dream) with Iggy Pop (this record is really good). I have seen a live session of one of his concert on TV and this guy is crazy. He plays violin like Ronaldo plays his ball! That is really entertaining to watch.