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21 02 2008

I added new pages for you my fellow travellers but they need to be worked on. I also still need to build the one about London. I am just being too lazy… 😛 Sorry!


21 02 2008

Song of the day: Think by Aretha Franklin

carrotToday, a little joke that I love. Even thinking about it makes me laugh. It is not the joke of the year. This is just a simple joke that could be told by any kids as it is not a dirty or intellectual one. So here it is:
– What is see-through and smells like carrot?

You want the answer? 🙂 What could make me laugh that much? You need to know that I smile for LOTS of things. I am an easy laugher so don’t be surprised by the silliness of the answer, ok? So back to the joke, the answer is:
a rabbit’s fart

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I am smiling just by writing it! Sorry! Hope you are smiling too, though because smiling is good for you. Please, send me your favorite joke from the comment side of this post! I want to be roll on the floor laughing! 😉


20 02 2008

Song of the day: Zaza by Thomas Fersen

droopyToday I have a vicious headache and a ache in my neck from a bad position in my bed. That’s not pleasant at all. I felt it all the day long like a lancinating pain. But I still have to work, speak in english, concentrate on issues from users who don’t understand IT, travel on an overcrowded train! The only good thing is walking in the fresh air outside!

But it could be worse as always. That’s why I always wonder why the Britishes always answer to the everyday question ‘How are you?’ by ‘not too bad, not too bad’!!!! I mean, all could be worse so, come on!! For once, just give me a ‘good’ or a ‘fine’. It will never be all good as we always all have somethin wrong. But for most of the people I meet in the tube, it’s only a stain on their snow white shirt or who will keep the dog during their coming holidays that worry them. It’s not ‘will my kid be safe going to school today and won’t be caught in crossed fire?’. So, for fuck’s sake, loose your usual composure and answer GOOD! 😀

il pleut, il pleut bergere…

31 01 2008

Song of the day: America by Razorlight

rainWhat’s wrong with the weather in this country, man? It seems that we are punished. Is 2 days of sun too much!!! I don’t know what the British have done in the past but it seems that someone doesn’t like them! :-/

As you have guessed, today it’s raining after 2 days of sun. Yesterday was great. Lot’s of sun. We could actually see the good blue color of the sky without any worring clouds over our heads. But today, all is grey and wet again. 😦

You know what? I am happy not to be british even if I live in this country. I wouldn’t like be citizen of a country famous for its shitty weather. They don’t like us (French). Go figure why? We are neighbours but we don’t have rain. Tough, man! That is bad luck! 😉

Let’s hope tomorrow will be sunny…


20 01 2008

song of the day: Man next door by Massive Attack (I LOVE this song, this band (MA) and this singer (Horace Andy))

I don’t know if you have understood but if you click on the title you will hear the song!!! Magic!

cartFinally, what a shame, I didn’t go out yesterday. I was so tired. Even my housemate who is usually up for everything wasn’t. I know, I know, that isn’t a reason, but still, I wasn’t motivated at all.

Today, we didn’t do much. Just chill out (the sky was gray so it doesn’t help). It is so good to do NOTHING. 😀 Oh, and we went shopping for food because it was the Tchechenie in my fridge i.e. it was desert! But guess what, because we are so lazy we did that on internet. ‘You shop, we drop’, that what they say and that is cool. Nobody wants to go shopping food for 4 people without car and a big backpack as only help. I have done my share and can’t anymore. :))

And now, I am going to bed after having cooked and eaten with my friends a wonderful roast beef I brought from my region. It was awesome, and I don’t say that only because it is from the Charolais, but it was really really really GOOD.

So, see you next week for some new adventure.