26 07 2008

Song of the day: Tout le bonheur du monde by Sinsemilia

In Europe, we all like Barrack Obama and I am not an exception in this matter. He seems a good guy, or at least better than the McCain or Bush, but this is my opinion. He has just spent few days in Europe and that is a good thing: build good relationship between Europe and the US won’t harm! The issue is that even if he seems nice and has some sweet words for the Berliners and other europeans, he has done one thing that he should not have… He said:

No one welcomes war. I recognize the enormous difficulties in Afghanistan.  But my country and yours have a stake in seeing that NATO’s first mission beyond Europe’s borders is a success. For the people of Afghanistan, and for our shared security, the work must be done.  America cannot do this alone.  The Afghan people need our troops and your troops; our support and your support to defeat the Taliban and al Qaeda, to develop their economy, and to help them rebuild their nation.  We have too much at stake to turn back now”

I took these from Corine Lesnes’ blog that you can read here. She is a correspondent for Le Monde in the US. You can find B. O.’s full speech.

What he says here is not innocent and not really welcomed here: clean somebody else’s mess… Nobody wants that. French for instance doesn’t join the US army for one main reason: we have never agreed to any of Bush’s operation in Middle East and we have said that on several occasion now (mainly because we had nothing to get there (such as petrol that the US will keep for them anyway) but still… and also because it wasn’t based on any reliable info). We are also not really part of NATO anymore even if our dear President wants the country back… So on what ground should we go in Afghanistan??? NONE! Oh sorry save Afghans… I am not sure our help will be well seen by them… Is there really something we can do now that damages have been done and people doesn’t have a good esteem of foreigners… I am a simple IT so I should leave the thinking to our dear politics… I am nobody but I like giving my opinion. Tell me your’s?

PS: this doesn’t change the fact that having Obama for President could be the best thing that can happen for the Americans.


La bourse au cul des prolos

10 06 2008

Song of the day: Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits – I love this song.

So like I said in the subject… when the capitalists look at the pleb’s ass… you can go towards something bad like the petrol price crisis. The speculation don’t stop because the traders are humans… because as a matter of fact they aren’t. People have always died from starvation but now it is not only the kids, that is also the parents, the fucking family who is dying because some dudes decided to trade some petrol at the highest rate we have ever seen. As a result people can’t transport any food or anything at usual cost. All has doubled up and the dude… what does he do? He just pays petrol for his hummer with the big bonus he got for his great work…. that implies people dying in another country. That makes me sick.

And today, what do I read? This in le monde. The same dude is going to medical conferences about a new molecule found by oncologist that could help ‘cure’ rectal cancer!!! So he wants to buy shares in the molecule owner company as the shares will soon take off if that is really true. He wants to make money betting on the health of people’s ass! Like this, price of these treatment will be already expensive before they go on the market. It will be disproportionate and inapropriate.

You don’t bet when people’s life are at stake, fucking hell!

Sorry, I didn’t mean to be upset, but I guess I am a bit upset and the worst is that I am a part of it as I am working for a bank! 😦 That is what sadden me as well….

pas de chance

13 05 2008

Song of the day: Eres un@ màs by Ska-a – old oldies

Have you seen what happened in Asia? That is tragic… It is like more and more bad news weeks after weeks for this region of the world. Closer, we also have the situation in Liban… What is going on in the world? I am really worried as well as a bit afraid. I know a earthquake or a typhoon seems unlikely to happen in our region but it is still worrying. And it is again people with less money that suffer the most. How a government like the Burmese military can possibly forbid help in the country!!! Fucking hell! Who are they to decide who should get help, food or accommodations. Men are now raping or even killing women, people are stealing… It is crazy! I am disgusted! 😦 and want to cry…

guess what…

2 05 2008

Song of the day: Waterloo by Abba – vive le Disco!

Who won the election? Boris the blue!! 😦 We will see what he is capable of… Count on me I will report you what I can dig out! 😉 I will be your eyes… erm, I don’ really wish you to have my eyes because I am almost blind (that s what I told the guy at Orange here when I bought a phone and I wanted a big screen 😉 ). As I usually say: j’ai 2 yeux gauches ! 😛

And tonight what I am doing… I think I am going to drink few pints… I will see you tomorrow! Enjoy your week end. Here it is bank holiday on Monday but unfortunately I will work.

the worst or the worst of the worst

1 05 2008

Song of the day: Big Calm by Morcheeba

Today is voting day here in London (in french). Londoners (7 millions de mecs!) need to decide who they want as Mayor of Greater London. The current mayor is Ken Livingston or Ken the red: left wing maybe a bit communist (labour party here), elected twice and asking for a third – does he knoe Jamais 2 sans 3 ! 😉 He has created the congestion charge, the tax that you need to pay of you drive through London. It is about £8 and there is cameras everywhere to catch your number and remind you by letter that you didn’t pay! He now wants to make the big polluters like the SUV drivers to pay more… Go Ken!!!

Against him, you can find Boris (conservative party) as his main rival. His real name is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson… Brilliant, joker but without experience who is elected in a county where any conservative is elected unless he has 1 leg and comes from Mars!

Que le meilleurs gagne !

Good news or bad news

24 04 2008

Song of the day: Little boxes by Malvina Reynolds – original opening theme of the TV serie called Weeds broadcasted by Showtime in the US and Canal+ in France I believe (here I don’t know I look onto internet 🙂 ). This show is really really good.They already made 3 seasons. Watch at least the 1st one once! Check it out here.

Do you know ASDA? ASDA is one of the various grocery stores in England among others like Waitrose, Tesco, Morrison’s, Sainsbury, Lidl and Aldi. It is affiliated to the US giant Wal*Mart. All their ads are about how cheap they are. That is where I shop online as there is one in my neighborhood and it is opened 24/7… like in the US! 😦 Now, they are looking for a new representative to replace Rooney’s wife. Guess who they are thinking of…??? Carla Bruni!!! Yes, I am not lying to you and you can find the proof here and here with more insights. Ils sont fous ces anglais!

In the meantime in Germany….
a publisher will sell the 1st paper copy of Wikipedia! You can find more information here in Le Monde. And that is where I learn that German is the 2nd language after English into Wikis!! Good job! Wikipedia (including Wikimedia, wikictionary, wikiquote,…) is really a good website. This where I always go first when I look for some details about a city, a country I want to visit, a word (Wikictionary), a concept, a tv serie,… Anything!!!