6 07 2008

Song of the day: Mercy by Duffy – something that works really well here

Today it rained a lot but it was also the final of the Wimbledon tennis tournament! Good excuse to watch it. It was awesome: Fereder vs. Nadal. OMG! There were superb although I have to say I prefer Roger Federer’s game. He is a really good player and he makes the game interesting to watch as he always has nice moves!! But unfortunately he lost after the longest match ever played in Wimbledon: 4-6 4-6 7-6 7-6  7-9. You should have seen that! Incredible!


on a perdu, les doigts dans l’c’ :)

18 06 2008

Song of the day: Elvis Ain’t Dead by Scouting for Girls – the hit of the moment 🙂

Yep, yesterday we lost miserably against Italy in the Euro cup 2008! 😦 Not a good day but at least the beer war good! 😛


13 06 2008

Song of the day: I will survive by Gloria Gaynor – 😉

I am just back from the pub where we watched the Euro 2008 match: Netherland vs. France. We f***ing lost 4-1 !!!! I spent my day tell my colleague: oh you know we always have a slow start but we will win… Yeah sure!!! But at least we are qualified! 😀


8 06 2008

Song of the day: Six Days (remix) (feat. Mos Def) by DJ Shadow

Today is my 100st post! Youhou!

Yesterday we went out with my housemates and we drank an interesting beverage called Mai Tai. This was in fact a cocktail made with Orange and pineapple juices, dark rum and grenadine syrup. Quiet good but the problem is that you can drink that all the night without noticing that you are drinking alcohol! 😦

Today, we just took care of our headaches with a big brunch with baked beans, hash browns and toasts! Then we cleaned the house, enjoyed the big sun out and watched Nadal beat up Federer at Roland Garros. OMG, what a match! Federer could do a damn thing except try to play but do lots of mistake. Too bad, he is a good guy! 😦

I am greek!

5 06 2008

Song of the day: Killing me softly by The Fugees – back to college! YAY!

Today we did a sweepstake at work. That is really british. Everybody put £2 in the pot and pick up a folded piece of paper: name of a team is written inside. As the Euro 2008 will begin soon, we did that with my colleagues. I picked up Greece and my colleague who sits right next to me picked up France. I told him he’s gonna win but he doesn’t believe me! Such an ass sometimes! 🙂

You should have seen some of my colleagues. They didn’t even want to play. They were pissed off because England isn’t even qualified! Ahahahah! 😛


21 05 2008

Song of the day: One evening by Feist – good artist with a real nice voice

Watched that today in a pub with my friends and some beers. 😉 The pub was full of French although the Champions League final was between 2 English clubs: Chelsea and Man U… weird, isn’t it?