banks and computers

25 10 2008

And guess what? I am working. I am at my desk front of my 2 screens, it is 11am and I have been here since 7:15 and I will be here for a lot longer… We got too many works to do on our servers and we need to be extra careful these days because of what’s happening on the exchange. All our servers have been rebooted because Windows Updates have been applied so we have to restart 50 servers, put the passwords for the frive mappings, log on all the apps. We are going to carry few upgrades, password change, …

Some work are done because they’re moving our support offshore to Bengalore. We have people over from India here with us and we need to train them to do our job. Banks are trying to cut the prices because we are too expensive in London! 😦 And because of the credit crunch, they told all our contractors that their wages will be reduced by 10%: take itΒ or leave it. No exception will be made… Thing is, we are already so streched that it is difficult for them to sack us, permanent employees but because it is harder now to get a job in banking, they still canΒ hit the contractors! Bastards! But I am sure their bonuses won’t be that much affected, only ours…



12 10 2008

Song of the day: Lollipop by Mika

Today we went to Kew Garden with my housemate. Β£13 to enter into the most impressive Botanical Garden in the world. The weather was really nice, hot and sunny, the sky was spotless blue and the trees were green and orange. A good and relaxing day!


31 08 2008

I am back from York where I have been walking, drinking, dancing like hell!! Again!!! But I haven’t forgotten to send postcards to my grand father, grand mother and parents! πŸ™‚

A nice vid by Chinese Man records (really good music I have discovered thank to my sis)

Red York and bull

28 08 2008

This week end, I go to York with my housemate and my friend who lives in Liverpool!! 2 girls together in an unknown city! πŸ˜› We go there by train. I think it takes about 2h30 to go there. So that s not a long ride. We go on Saturday morning. I already plan to have a coffee and a red bull for my breakfast. Then we will have beer!! Soon, I ll post a new page about this city if I don’t forget my camera! πŸ˜‰

I don’t like bank holiday week end

25 08 2008

Song of the day: Start Wearing Purple by Gogol Bordello – TOO GOOD!!!

On Saturday, I worked which is pretty bad. And today as well! But today was a bank holiday in England. I started from home using my new blackberry 😦 and my remote connection at 7am… and then the worst case scenario happened. One of our main historical server doesn’t start up!!! It went off line during the night without anybody reacting.

I was the central point of contact. Users in London who were working today wanted to be done quickly and go home, users in Toronto wanted their day not to be shit, the support people who were on call couldn”t be bother and were pissed! We had to make the decision to go to our backup solution i.e. restore the backuped database, chang the DNS, bring up the server,… all done by several teams!!! Just the biggest shit ever when nobody was on line…. Then our PC support team told us that the RAID battery was fucked and they had to replace it and we made the call to cancle the switch to DR. The mess involved 20 or 40 IT and as much users. A total MESS. But I am now home and will soon eat as I only 2 buttered toasts at 6:30am!

Luckily, I had a GREAT Sunday! We begun with a good and filling english breakfast. Then we went to the Get Loaded in the Park festival in Clapham Commons. I saw Gossip, Gogol Bordello and others but these 2 were the best! I love them!! πŸ™‚


9 08 2008

Song of the day: Cumbia & Jazz Fusion by Charles Mingus

And guess what? … Today, it is raaaiining!!! 😦 But I am that is ok. I think about my next holidays and the sky is clearer! πŸ˜›


3 08 2008

I am back from Liverpool where I had a great week end with my friend Aurelie who I met when I arrived here that who I am friend with since. We already traveled together to few places. I will talk tomorrow about the “North” and how I have felt in love with the Super Lamb Banana. πŸ˜›