winter and sickness

21 12 2008

Song of the day: If I were a boy by Beyoncé – that is the song you can hear everywhere!

I had a weird week. Monday and Tuesday, I was feeling so bad that I had to go back home early. I was feverish and coughing so much. I had wednesday off but I worked the other days plus Saturday at 7am!!! 😦 I am better now but you should here me. I sound like robocop! 😛

Yesterday I went in town after work to buy my last xmas present!!! We re almost there… few more days and that’s it. I will be travelling to France on the 24th and will come back on the 29th. I am so happy. I haven’t seen my family since July!


19 11 2008

Song of the day: Ghosts by Robbie Williams

Today, after spending 16 hours on an issue yesterday, my colleague came and sort it out in 1 hour!!! Believe it or not! You can’t imagine how pissed I was against him. But I should not hold any grudge againdt him. He is part of the development team that have been taken away from the support. Yesterday he was tied up by another production issue and he wants to make a point I think to our new boss that the separation was a bad move… But hey! that is work! C’est la vie! there is nothing to do now! 😛 But I ma still pissed though! 🙂

that’s long!

18 11 2008

Today I worked 16 hours, can you believe it? I started at 7am, got an issue to manage at 8am and left the office at 11pm after having talked to half th world! And the sadest part is, I go back tomorrow and the issue isn’t solved! Maaaaaaaaamaaaaaannnnn, I want o go back home! 😛

same old same old

5 11 2008

Song of the day: Haiku by Agoria

Sorry guys, I haven’t been active these last days. It is just that nothing really happened. I work too much, I want to sleep, I love coffee at work, I partied this week end, I have not stopped drinking during the past few days, … what else… oh yes! my sister is coming this week end! YEEPEE! 🙂

banks and computers

25 10 2008

And guess what? I am working. I am at my desk front of my 2 screens, it is 11am and I have been here since 7:15 and I will be here for a lot longer… We got too many works to do on our servers and we need to be extra careful these days because of what’s happening on the exchange. All our servers have been rebooted because Windows Updates have been applied so we have to restart 50 servers, put the passwords for the frive mappings, log on all the apps. We are going to carry few upgrades, password change, …

Some work are done because they’re moving our support offshore to Bengalore. We have people over from India here with us and we need to train them to do our job. Banks are trying to cut the prices because we are too expensive in London! 😦 And because of the credit crunch, they told all our contractors that their wages will be reduced by 10%: take it or leave it. No exception will be made… Thing is, we are already so streched that it is difficult for them to sack us, permanent employees but because it is harder now to get a job in banking, they still can hit the contractors! Bastards! But I am sure their bonuses won’t be that much affected, only ours…

good to be back

2 10 2008

Song of the day: Shut up and Drive by Rihanna – one of the best seller here that you can hear in every clubs…

Now that I am back I get back in the old habit. Today, at lunch, I go downstairs with one other colleague to get some food at the canteen when he told me he needs cash first. So, we went to the bank, and while walking back to the office, my colleague says: ‘let’s have one!’… and here we are, in the O’neill’s with one pint of cider for him and a half for me! 😦

hard to work

30 09 2008

Song of the day: Hell is around the corner by Tricky

Now that I am back, I just want to go back… The situation is not great at work. Everybody stresses but not on our side. The ITs are safe as they don’t want their systems to go down during a rush period as it happens sometimes during the day. So I hve no worries about my work.

On the other side, I think I am more worried about my money. Banks are not a safe place anymore and I wish I’d kept all under my mattress!! My colleague just told me today that he moved all his money to Northern Rock because it is owned by the english state now. They nationalized it. This bank had to annonce bankrupcy few month ago and the state had to back them up to save the savings of people. Because it is now state-owned, people are sure to get their money back! What a world my friend!