hard to work

30 09 2008

Song of the day: Hell is around the corner by Tricky

Now that I am back, I just want to go back… The situation is not great at work. Everybody stresses but not on our side. The ITs are safe as they don’t want their systems to go down during a rush period as it happens sometimes during the day. So I hve no worries about my work.

On the other side, I think I am more worried about my money. Banks are not a safe place anymore and I wish I’d kept all under my mattress!! My colleague just told me today that he moved all his money to Northern Rock because it is owned by the english state now. They nationalized it. This bank had to annonce bankrupcy few month ago and the state had to back them up to save the savings of people. Because it is now state-owned, people are sure to get their money back! What a world my friend!


I am back

29 09 2008

Song of the day: I can’t stop the feeling Ive got by Razorlight – nice song

Yes I am back and in one piece! The trip was really cool but exhausting. We traveled around the country, sometimes in bad conditions, sometimes in good ones. Now I enjoy simple things as hot water, good roads or food! 🙂 I now need to create a page to show my pictures. For my friends, I have already posted few of them on Facebook. It was different, good, funny, bad, interesting, sad, tiring, rich, talkative, gourmand, overwhelming and a lot more! Jenny and I had good holidays and it feels good to be away in the heat. People were extremely nice with us… partly because we hablais espanol! 🙂 I loved it and want more. I am already thinking about the next travel I should do! 😛 Who wants to come?

Today back to work, and it doesn’t look good in finance at the moment! 😦 More later about that!

I am off to Guatemala for 2 weeks…

10 09 2008

I will be back on the 28th of August with lots of pictures! 🙂 See you soon everybody.

PS: Lisa, I am so happy you can come. I look forward to seeing you! 😉

bisous bisous


9 09 2008

Sexual Healing by Ben Harper (from Marvin Gaye the Original, go check it if you have time) 🙂 This is a nice one!


4 09 2008

Song of the day: Lagrimas de Oro by Manu Chao

In 7 days, I will be flying towards 2 weeks + of great holidays in Guatemala with my friend Jenny. I can’t wait. I fly on the 11/09. I will transfer in Miami. I am so excited. 😛


2 09 2008

Song of the day: Les cactus by Jacques Dutronc

You know what… I have ne glasses. I bought the others 3 years ago. They had no anti reflect and no color anymore! My problem is that my sight has gotten worse. It wasn’t great before but at least it has never changed for the past 10 years!!! Now, it is worst than a mole! 😛 For those who understand, before my correction was +4.25 Sph and +0.75 Cyl for my right eye and +5.5 Sph and +0.5 for the left eye with 180 axis. Now it is +5.75 Sph, -1.25 cyl and 90 axis for both… I think it means SHIT but I am not sure! 😛 What I know is when your eyes are fucked, it is not good to work before a computer!

when I was a kid

1 09 2008

…I used to love this cartoon: Asterix et Cleopatre and I still do! We have watched it so many times with my little sis, more than I can count! Here is an extract! 😛