2 09 2008

Song of the day: Les cactus by Jacques Dutronc

You know what… I have ne glasses. I bought the others 3 years ago. They had no anti reflect and no color anymore! My problem is that my sight has gotten worse. It wasn’t great before but at least it has never changed for the past 10 years!!! Now, it is worst than a mole! 😛 For those who understand, before my correction was +4.25 Sph and +0.75 Cyl for my right eye and +5.5 Sph and +0.5 for the left eye with 180 axis. Now it is +5.75 Sph, -1.25 cyl and 90 axis for both… I think it means SHIT but I am not sure! 😛 What I know is when your eyes are fucked, it is not good to work before a computer!


when I was a kid

1 09 2008

…I used to love this cartoon: Asterix et Cleopatre and I still do! We have watched it so many times with my little sis, more than I can count! Here is an extract! 😛

E.T. telephone maison….

19 07 2008

Song of the day: Pictures by Sneaky Sound System – my housemate Bernadette from Australia played this band yesterday and we quiet liked it!

I am home!!! I am happy. It i sunny and hot. There is no car around, nobody, my house is still here in the middle of the fields with white charolaise cows! 😛


18 07 2008

Song of the day: The end has no end by the Strokes

Tomorrow I take the Eurostar at 5:25 am to see cows during 4 days! 😛

Happy Bastille day!

14 07 2008

Song of the day: les mots by La Rue Ketanou

Happy Bastille day everybody!!!!! Enjoy the fireworks. Today, I went to Le pain quotidien because they offered a bal polaire and free french food and wine for this special day… Even if you are not into that, you love this day because… you are a foreigner and you just like being it! 🙂 or at least I like it 🙂


13 07 2008

Yesterday we went to the Cargo. It was awesome: really good music with a live band for starters (soul, jazz, electro) and then 2 different djs.

But now I need to go to work because we do our big DR test i.e. Disaster Recovery test. They cut all the link to outside then they bring up all our backup machines and we need to prove that everything is working as if we were on our production boxes!!! Tough afternoon and I am still drunk and really tired!

Tonight, out again as it is one of my friend’s bday… will tell you about it tomorrow but I am sure I won’t be in good shape Monday! 😦

PS: this post was written yeterday but I clicked Save instead of Publish! 😛

j’en peux plus

8 07 2008

Song of the day: Bloody Sunday by U2

In random order, yesterday I worked on my hard drive and came to the conclusion that the master boot is fucked up, today I worked 12 f**king hours, one of my colleagues confirmed also my theory about my mp3 player, I am knackered, I booked ticket for the 1st of August to go see my friend for the 2nd time in Liverpool! and that will be all for today.