20 02 2008

Song of the day: Zaza by Thomas Fersen

droopyToday I have a vicious headache and a ache in my neck from a bad position in my bed. That’s not pleasant at all. I felt it all the day long like a lancinating pain. But I still have to work, speak in english, concentrate on issues from users who don’t understand IT, travel on an overcrowded train! The only good thing is walking in the fresh air outside!

But it could be worse as always. That’s why I always wonder why the Britishes always answer to the everyday question ‘How are you?’ by ‘not too bad, not too bad’!!!! I mean, all could be worse so, come on!! For once, just give me a ‘good’ or a ‘fine’. It will never be all good as we always all have somethin wrong. But for most of the people I meet in the tube, it’s only a stain on their snow white shirt or who will keep the dog during their coming holidays that worry them. It’s not ‘will my kid be safe going to school today and won’t be caught in crossed fire?’. So, for fuck’s sake, loose your usual composure and answer GOOD! 😀



1 02 2008

Song of the day: Rehab by Amy Winehouse

ggggrrrrr!Guess what? The sun is back today. Weird, isn’t it? After what I said yesterday, I look like an old mama who complains for nothing… Well, look at the title of this page, no news here!

Yesterday, we went to a pub with 2 friends and my housemate and then to the Tiger Tiger (famous club in the West End ;)) where we ended up pissed on a Thursday night! Nice evening though. Have you ever drank raspberry sambuca? That is SO good. Once you tried, you would’t have something else!

And today, as it is friday, I went to a pub with my coworkers. Although I told them that I am still not 100% well and I would rather have a coke, they ordered me… a pint of Kronembourg 1664. Yes, you read well, not even a half pint. Country of f***ing alcoholics!!!

il pleut, il pleut bergere…

31 01 2008

Song of the day: America by Razorlight

rainWhat’s wrong with the weather in this country, man? It seems that we are punished. Is 2 days of sun too much!!! I don’t know what the British have done in the past but it seems that someone doesn’t like them! :-/

As you have guessed, today it’s raining after 2 days of sun. Yesterday was great. Lot’s of sun. We could actually see the good blue color of the sky without any worring clouds over our heads. But today, all is grey and wet again. 😦

You know what? I am happy not to be british even if I live in this country. I wouldn’t like be citizen of a country famous for its shitty weather. They don’t like us (French). Go figure why? We are neighbours but we don’t have rain. Tough, man! That is bad luck! 😉

Let’s hope tomorrow will be sunny…

we are getting older :-/

28 01 2008

Song of the day: American Life by Madonna

oldI have a question for you: how old are your colleagues? Sommetimes I wonder why I am working for a bank as it seems that I am the youngest. It feels like I am retired before the age! My direct co workers are between 37 and 45! … I will be 26 on the 17th of March (Don’t forget this date as it is St Patrick’s day i.e. the Irish National day i.e. the day known as a day you are pissed ;)). So my colleagues are all 10 years older than me!!! :-/ weird, isn’t it?

But I am not bothered. They are all cool and I enjoy working with them and that is the most important thing. What would be different if they were younger? Nothing I suppose as they go to the pub in the evening, they say stupid things during the day and we have a laugh everyday… 😀 According to me a good working athmosphere is essential in order to enjoy your work. It helps you keep going everyday. What is your opinion my working friends?