good to be back

2 10 2008

Song of the day: Shut up and Drive by Rihanna – one of the best seller here that you can hear in every clubs…

Now that I am back I get back in the old habit. Today, at lunch, I go downstairs with one other colleague to get some food at the canteen when he told me he needs cash first. So, we went to the bank, and while walking back to the office, my colleague says: ‘let’s have one!’… and here we are, in the O’neill’s with one pint of cider for him and a half for me! 😦


Shake it to wake it!

12 08 2008

Just back from work. I am exhausted. This morning when I went to work for 7:00, it was pissing down. And now that I got back at 6:00, it is sunny. F**king country! So on my way home I bought an ORANGINA. We don’t often find some here but recently we can see them and there is this new ad on TV that is so ggod. Have a look. This one ends with the french slogan. The english one is: Shake it to wake it! 😛 Hot, isn’t it?